Qilli is not a city of The Old Kingdom. Qilli was formed as a city and then later as a powerful city state after the fall of Canta. When Canta fell the small trade outpost of Qilli became the first stop of raiders from the Jacoban Desert. Rather than try to repel this invaders from the small outposts lands the locals decided to cater to the invaders. While paying some mercenaries to protect them the small village prospered as a place to spend your recently plundered purse. Having a large amount of brothels and other such attractions for a rougher element Qilli became rich off of the rest of the Empires loss.

Qilli has evolved over the years from the city of sin to the city of unspeakable pleasures. Qilli offers anyone traveling a warm bed, a strong drink, and endless ways to lose or spend your money. Qilli is part of the Zepir Coalition against Canta


Qilli is essentially a anarchy if you have enough money. The largest businesses in Qilli (Casinos, brothels, and bars) generally police their own land. In Qilli money is might and the all mighty gold can move mountains (or Judges). Though war with Canta has forced the business men to hire armies of mercenaries to deal with their adversaries.


Qilli has only a small number of permanent residents, though they are generally made up of all races. Doppelgangers are the common citizens of Qilli partially due to the large amounts of work for spies and assassins and partially due to the flux of people in and out of the city almost makes their coming and going invisible.

City Description

Qilli has a very odd city structure. The center of town where all the entertainment is located is well organized and fairly well kept. The outskirts of town where the poorer citizens of the city live is reminiscent of a refuge camp. The citizens taking all the room they can in any way possible. Streets are generally narrow with sewage flowing freely.


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