Noctu is considered one of the 9 wonders of Glym. Noctu was designed during the Empire by Master Technitian Hansbeard. Hansbeard captured a Red Dragon and bent the Dragon to his will. Using the behemoth he cut the city of Noctu right from the face of a cliff. Noctu still stands today as a reminder of the power of The Old Kingdom leaving all visitors in awe.


The Dragon Council of Noctu is the supreme rulers of the cit state. The Dragon Council is a self elected body of rulers that serve for life. When a member of the Dragon Council dies the members then vote a new councilman from the population of Noctu.

Population Demographics

Noctu is split into two different cultures dependent on the depth of the settlement. On the surface of the Cliff live the Raptorians. The raptorians use their natural flight to bring goods into Noctu with relative ease. While deeper in the cliff side the Dwarves and Gnomes live and work on expanding their territory inward. On the ground around the Cliff Humans have built a city of their own that is walled off from the rest of the land.

City Geography

Noctu is an extremely defensible city and has never been captured by an enemy. The Human city on the ground has high walls that can prevent an enemy from gaining any ground. While catapults, ballistas, and Trebuchets fire from the cliff wall.


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