Incep once the premiere coastal city of The Old Kingdom now is a relative desert. During the reign of Canta Incep was used as a magical labratory by the Arch Magus Ingoltep of Incep. During this time of experimentation he accidentally turned a few basic earth worms into an earth worm and fire elemental combination. These worms borrowed into the ground of incept and started draining the land of its moisture. Before Ingoltep could rectify his mistake he was slain in the fall of Canta.

In the modern era Incep is a desert wasteland. The ocean around Incept is gone and the worms have grown in size and in temper. Luckily the citizens of Incep have grown powerful in there magical abilities and have thus far been able to hold of the horrible creations of Ingoltep.


Incep is a Magocracy ruled currently by Arch Magus Norotep of Incep. Norotep is known as the most powerful magus to be born since the reign of Ingoltep. Non-magic users in Incep are generally looked upon with sadness. While non-magic users have equal rights as civilians, no non-magic user will ever have the right to hold office or be more than a foot soldier in the army.

Population Demographics

The upperclass citizens of Incep are mostly Elves and other races knowledgable in the arcane. While the lower class is mostly made up of Humans and Halflings, who do the menial work that is not important enough to get a magus to do. Generally the population can be put into three categories. 40% Wizards, Sorcerers, and other arcane classes, 50% Non-magic users, and 10% of Divine magic users.


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