Andrac is the largest City state of the Old Kingdom. Andrac is known mostly for their fertile soil and their trade with the northern cities across the Kaltir Ocean. Andrac is part of the Zepir Coalition and due to this relationship they are currently at war with Canta.


Andrac is a theocracy controlled by the church of Kord. While worshiping other deities is acceptable Kord’s clerics and monks control the judiciary system, government, and city guard. The top ranking cleric of Kord in Andrac is the Monarch of the city state. The current High Cleric of Kord is his Holiness Johan Cartwright.

Population Demographics

Andrac has a mixed racial profile, with a majority of its citizens Human and Half-Orc. Half-Orcs have found a home in the land of Andrac, partially due to their strength and courage in battle most half orcs have found Kord to be an appropriate symbol of their race.


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